The CO2 Problem

Since 1900, levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have risen dramatically.

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small mountain background sources and effects of emissions
Industrial Processes many industrial processes give off CO2 as a byproduct
Warming Temperatures due to an increased greenhouse gas effect
Transportation burns CO2 through the combustion of fossil fuels
Changes in Plant Growth due to increased respiration
Ocean Acidification from higher diffusion of CO2 into oceans
Deforestation fewer plants and trees that usually absorb CO2
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In 2016 the DOC emitted

214.5 metric tons

of CO2

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The DOC's Footprint

Understanding our past footprint is crucial to making positive changes and reducing our emissions in the future.

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DOC Emissions

Flight Emissions

The DOC's carbon emissions have been rising yearly since 2007.

This is largely due to an increase in trips that involve lengthly air travel.

In 2016 air travel made up

70% of the DOC's


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